Flex banner printing machine for sale

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Gross Power:
Plate Type:
180kg, 180kg
Automatic Grade:
Color & Page:
Single color
Tube Printer
Flex banner printing machine for sale
Print kind of medium:
common cloth stickers paper jam, etc
Printing speed:
Power style:
Feeding width:
Printing width:
Print Interface:
Network port, USB, U disk
Digital Printer
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Wooden case,Weight:180kg,Machine size:1670*600*1060mm

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Model No.


Print Interface

Network port, USB, U disk

Feeding width


Printing width


Printing speed




Power style






Print kind of medium

common cloth stickers paper jam, etc

Computer configuration

WindousXP, CPU core 1.6G, Memory 1G DDR II,HDD 80G , CD-ROM/DVD-ROM


1, energy saving, economic, environmental, and do not use ribbon and with base, directly to the blocks of color printing in a variety of media, and truly supplies zero waste, while addressing the ribbon in the presence of a series of problems such as: (off-chipeasily broken, not drag, storage and transportation is difficult, printed fee ribbon handle difficult, unstable quality ribbon)
2, the print head using the most advanced water technology, and can replace monolithic, casual stitching;
3, Install infrared sensing device automatically adjust the tension print cloth;
4, Stable standard network interface, can be realized across network segments, wireless and remote printing;
5, with a the universal standard USB print interface, support windows print software;
6, the same content can be a one-time repeat N-up printing, saving time, labor, effort;
7 unique LCD operation, realize one-touch printing, quick and easy.


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Flex banner printing machine for sale

Flex banner printing machine for sale

Flex banner printing machine for sale

Flex banner printing machine for sale


Flex banner printing machine for sale


Flex banner printing machine for sale



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1.The ribbon banner printer employs a printing head using the world's leading and latest thin-film technology. It can be replaced individually, is self-splicing and uses Japan's Kyocera, which greatly reduces the cost.  

2. The transmission of data is filtered through the adapter plate of the ribbon banner printer, which can eliminate static electricity and prevent high-current. This protects the printing head giving it durability and a longer lifetime.  

3. The motherboard of the ribbon banner printer is imported from Japan and uses chip production technology. The control systems use dual-core CPU, making the machine more intelligent. The ribbon banner printer has an automatic alarm system and online upgrades which is less demanding on the computer configuration.  

4. The printing interface of the ribbon banner printer uses the network interface which has the

fastest transmission speed and stronger stability. You can decide the length of printing line which

effectively avoids such phenomena as short line, garbled, dislocation and so on. This improves the printing quality.  

5. The ribbon banner machine can easily achieve working offline and has the convenient function of automatically reading the SD card. The 2G large storage space can fully resolve the problem that a machine must be equipped with a computer, saving the customer cost and space.  

6. Characteristics of the Printing Management System of the Ribbon Banner Machine  

a) A single banner can be printed repeatedly and a number of banners can be printed continuously,which saves time, labor and manpower.  

b) The program management uses accurate meter calculation to allow customers to understand the consuming process.  

c) The unique speed adjusting function enables customers to adjust printing speed according to the situation.  

d) The unique error correction function can minimize errors of the finished banner, greatly improving the finished product efficiency.  

e) The unique province of the ribbon mode makes it possible that the word spacing can start in the situation of 1cm ribbon mode, greatly enhancing the utilization of ribbons.  

f) The unique function of rewinding shafts ensures that you can easily remove the finished banner.

7. The unique multi-language set of the ribbon banner printer currently provides three languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English, meeting the requirements of most users.  

8. The unique printing test function of the ribbon banner printer makes it possible to preview the

print quality of the current content by slightly pressing the button, which can increase the finished product efficiency and reduce production costs.  

9. The unique super-large LCD display and membrane touch button operation of the ribbon banner printer proves that it has significant function, simple operation and a pleasing design.  

10. Dual tension adjustment function of the ribbon banner printer uses the advanced flattening device of fabric tension axis and the ribbon axis. You may adjust the tension at any time and solve the problem cloth and ribbon folds.  

11. The ribbon banner machine can be used in many ways. Not only can it print on the cloth banners,but on adhesive, leather, cardboard, film, and print sticky notes. It can be an excellent dye-sublimation printer together with a dye-sublimation device.  

12. The split packing is more reasonable with small size, easy handling, light weight and low freight.  

We are now launching this latest high speed laser banner printer,which can print well at high speed

with high precision on various of materials including non-coating drapery ,self-adhesive paper and

paperboard etc. Professional scribing software is inclusive. Contact our sale reps to get more

information on price of this wonderful machine!  


Performance parameters :

1. High print speed,80-160m/h.

2. perfect picture quality comparable to that of laser printer .

3. special non-coating materials ,easier to hung, adoption of coloured ribbon makes it needless to dry.

4. lower cost of production ,take material of 70cm in wide for example, can be as low as 1.3 RMB/m.

5. lower labour cost (one man operation), lower power cost (500w-1000w/h).

6. compatible to various of softwares,such as word,photoshop,etc.

7. more materials suit.

8. simple and humanized control system make it real that one man control several machines at same time.

9. High out-put speed ,letters or patterns in red or yellow can be printed vividly on red drapery in

one process.

10. ribbon-saving function ,ribbon can stop automatically where there is no contents set, thus ,30 -50 percent ribbon can be saved.

11. higher level of automatic control .

12. more attached function programme record the life of print head .special designed water tank with open- type cover can be easily added or changed water.

13. adoption of special auto tension-adjusting device ensure material even and smooth in production,thererby no fold marks appear when printing consequently



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