Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine

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Flatbed Printer Single Color CE Certificate
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Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer
Heat Press Machine
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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110V/220V, 220V
Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine
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No limited
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Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Supply Ability:
100 Set/Sets per Month
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Carton package,Package size:900x480x400mm,GW/NW:35/25kgs, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine
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Transmission Mode


Max printing length

No limited

Max print width


Max printing thickness


Max Feeding width




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Windows XP









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hot foil printer

Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine

Printing material: paper, pvc card, hard-bookcover, leather, sticky notes, fabric, ribbon etc.

Application area:Couplet,ribbon,leather,pressbooks,invitation card,greeting card,non-wovenbags.

Main Features:

1.No need to make dies & plates ,cost-efficient and time-saving.

2.360mm feeding width.

3.Computer directly print to reduce printing cost.

4.300dpi high resolution to make artworks more clearly.

5.Roll material can be printed automatically.

6.Smooth or unsmooth material can be printed.

7.Speed can be adjusted freely according to different materials or artworks..

8.Support windows main software :Coredraw,AI,Photoshop,PDF etc.

9.Multi-color are available, such as gold, sliver, and other colors.


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Bronzing process is a special printing process without ink, the so-called tipping refers to a certain temperature and pressure anodized aluminum foil stamping process to the substrate surface, tipping machine is to complete the stamping process equipment.


Bronzing refers to a certain temperature and pressure anodized aluminum foil stamping process to the substrate surface.

Hot stamping graphic showing a strong metallic luster, vibrant colors, never fade. Especially gold and silver foil, with its magnificent, refined and elegant decor dotted printed surface, enhancing the artistic printed materials, publicity played a prominent theme; their light level much higher than India Indian silver gold and make products having a high-end feel and gives the joy of beauty. And because the foil has excellent physical and chemical properties, has played a role in the protection of printed materials, the stamping process is widely used in high-end, exquisite packaging and decoration on trademarks, calendars and covers of books and other printed materials; secondly, hot stamping a very wide range, from the general book covers, logo, advertising, plastic products to daily necessities, from paper to leather,Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine, cotton, etc.; Furthermore, tipping is a dry processing method, the workpiece can be packaged immediately after tipping, transportation . So, bronzing technology is widely adopted, the scope of stamping is still expanding.


The process is mainly using hot transfer principle. Under the combined pressure contact with the foil stamping action version, substrates, increasing the temperature due to the heating plate stamping version has a certain amount of heat, so that the foil is heated hot-melt adhesive layer and a pigmented resin melt pigmented resin layer adhesion decreases, the viscosity increases after special thermal adhesive to melt, the aluminum foil layer and the base film is peeled simultaneously transferred to the substrate, with the removable pressure,Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine, rapidly cooled to solidify the adhesive, the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate on completion of a stamping process.

From the composition and foil stamping machine management perspective, in order to obtain the desired effect of stamping, foil stamping foil used must meet the following requirements: layer coating color uniform, no obvious color, stripes and spots; primer coat uniform, smooth, white no impurities, no apparent stripes, sand point and oxidation; gloss; fastness strong; high-definition; the model is correct.


Perfect bronzing effect depends on temperature, pressure and velocity gilding with three levels each other. Therefore, to control the quality of bronzing, bronzing should have a good and reasonable temperature, pressure and bronzing bronzing speed. Such as bronzing create favorable conditions in order to ultimately make stamping quality is assured.


Temperature has a very important influence on stamping, the temperature must be controlled within the appropriate range, dyed adhesive resin layer and melting appropriate, in order to ensure a good transfer of the aluminum layer.
If the temperature is too high, excessive melting, hot stamping around the graphic also melted off and paste version, but also make high temperature dyeing anodized aluminum and resin layer chemical changes, reduce the brightness and stamping products lose metallic luster, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine,the blots were even patchy fog or blistering; but if the temperature is too low, insufficient melting, can also cause hot stamping or not stamping on strong, imprinting is not strong, easy to fall off, or missing pen off the program, blot blur.


The machine should be installed in a dry, airy, light is good, convenient place to operate.


Stamping aluminum layer transfer must be done by pressure, the size of the stamping pressure affects the adhesion fastness anodized. Even the right temperature, if the pressure is insufficient, so that the foil can not be satisfactorily transferred to the substrate, it will have made false blots, flower version and other issues; the contrary, if the pressure is too large, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine,the compression pad and substrate deformation is too large, blot hair is coarse, even adhesion, paste version. Typically small stamping pressure should be properly adjusted in order to achieve not fade, good adhesion fastness criteria.

Adjustment of stamping pressure for a comprehensive substrates, stamping temperature, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine,vehicle speed and other factors foil itself. In general, the paper firm, smooth and high, high solid ink printing, and stamping temperature, vehicle speed slow, stamping pressure should be smaller, on the contrary, it should be larger. Be sure to evenly stamping pressure, if not found locally stamping on flowers and linen, is likely to stress here is too small, should be fitted where a layer of tissue on a flat plate, the pressure balance.

Effect of stamping pad pressure is also large. Rigid spacers can make handsome blots for strong, smooth paper, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine,such as coated paper, glass, cardboard; while on the contrary the soft liner, blot coarse for larger stamping, especially the uneven surface paper flatness, smoothness is poor, relatively rough.

At the same time stamping foil installation is not too tight or too loose, too tight when the lack of pen writing-off plan; too loose is illegible, paste version.

Printing speed when in fact reflect the contact time stamping and hot stamping foil substrates, Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine,directly affect the stamping fastness. Stamping too fast, it will not lead to a stamping or imprinting blur; printing speed is too slow will affect both the quality of stamping, but also affect productivity.

Stamping process speed, pressure, temperature restrict each other, the process parameters are always printing speed, sequential pressure, temperature determination. First determine stamping speed. Under normal circumstances, it is treated as a constant, slow to change, and then find out with suitable stamping stamping pressure and temperature, which can simplify the procedure, it is easy to control the quality of stamping.

In addition, the stamping process, but also consider the base, stamping version, stamping machine, jig and pad is appropriate. Finally, look at the environmental conditions, including the indoor temperature and humidity, temperature of the substrate, the cleanliness of the indoor air (dust content) and the like.

In short, the stamping process is a complex technology,Computer directly print digital hot foil 360A bronzing machine, in stamping process only a good grasp of these problems in order to obtain a satisfactory effect of stamping.


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