High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer

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Plate Type:
Screen Printer
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, flat printer
Automatic Grade:
Color & Page:
Single Color
Gross Power:
1450*900* 850mm
one year
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Printing color:
1 color
Printing surface:
Printing speed:
Overall dimensions:
1450*900* 850
Printing products:
T-shirts, glass,wood,pcb etc.
flat bed screen printer
Platform area mm:
printing area mm:
Stores, small factories
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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Packaging Details
Wooden packaging,Carton size(L*W*H)mm:1450*900* 850mm,weight:150kg,It is suitable for shipping,High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer
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Shipped in 5 days after payment


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High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer (manual suction platform)
High precision vacuum flat screen printing machine Description:
It applies to wide range of packaging industry, such as box decorating fields for makeup, wine, gift,calendar adhesives,etc.


1. It is used to screen printing flat items by manually
2. Nice manual screen printing machine for thin flat products by the suction workable
3. Reliable and cheap manual screen printer with max printing size:400*500mm
4. We can offer different size of manual screen printing machine based on your requirements
5. Workable is adjustable
6. Easy operation hand screen printing machine

Easy-print manual vacuum screen printing machine: vacuum workable, strong vacuum, work easily, strong clamp.In addition, the price is cheaper.  This machine is manual,

cheap, low noise, reliable, and individual.According to the households and small businesses, it is the best option.

Why choose manual screen printing machine?
The biggest advantage of manual screen printing machine is that as long as there is suitable plate and different size of plate,skillful printing , manual style machine

can meet different printing needs.In addition, the price is cheaper.  This machine is manual, cheap, low noise, reliable, and individual.According to the households

and small businesses, it is the best option.




Korean suction platform

Manual suction platform








Platform area mm






800* 1100

printing area mm







Weight and power kg













Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm

1300*640* 800


1450*900* 850






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High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer


High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer


High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer 10-7

High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer 10-10.jpg

  High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer


High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer


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High precision vacuum flat bed screen printer

Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes. It can be used to print a wide variety of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, fabrics, and many other materials. Including paper, plastic, glass, metal, nylon and cotton. From the screen printing industry, some common products including posters, labels, decals, signs, and all types of textiles and electronic circuit boards. Screen printing process has the advantage over other printing, the reporter can be printed in any shape, size and thickness of the substrate.
Screen printing is a significant feature of the substrate can be applied to a larger thickness than the ink and other printing technologies. This makes some very interesting effects, it is impossible to use other printing methods. As a simple application process, a wider range of inks and dyes may be used for screen printing than in any other printing process used.

Manual screen printing jobs :
1, check printing plates and mounting no loose flooring and no sealing plate , broken plate printing plate margin is appropriate print positioning rule is correct , multi-colored version did not go.
2, the blade length is selected to be slightly higher than the print pattern , the type of printer should use different shapes of blades . Flexible rubber blade should be some improvement of the screen and printer, ink, uniform contact performance benefits. Blade requires a unit , or coarse sandpaper, blade material , can produce acid 5mm rubber .
3 , printed materials , printed material. Preparation should be determined according to the type and composition , toners, dry transfer printing materials and printing requirements, is leveling the time , adjust the viscosity , seek scraping printing to meet the demand of the key. Printed material , it should be fine , shop one day , its performance is stable , with the exception of gold adjustable. Depends on the foreign material in the printed material to prevent scratching the print cutting board should also be checked.
4 , cast printed material printed materials are generally available on the network within the width of the front of the frame start position of the knob , printed materials can not be placed too much screen frame , add, scraping , to facilitate easy to control the amount of ink in the printing business.
5 , squeegee <1> rules handheld printer on the table , put down NET Framework version , plates and plates have a certain amount of profit . <2> hand silk screen scraping , scratch should be kept 50-60 ° angle , the blade scraping at a certain speed , the ink printed on the blade material movement under stress , leaked from the punctured some of the printing screen hole printers, screen printing after impact and rebound blade separation . According to the size of the printing area and the length of the blade , scraping printing business , you can use one or both hands , but to control the amount of material in the printing , board layout , shave, no version of the graphics printed matter . <3> Lift the screen frame , remove the motherboard from the desktop printer .
6 , scrubbing in the online edition of the printing process and found blot blur and mesh plug , scrub board, light absorbent cotton or soft cloth dipped in solvent to wipe both sides of the screen printing , matte should be scrubbed before the graphic, and then scrub in other places . Cleaned on both sides of the plate , dredge and solvent dry plate blocking network office . Printing is complete, the board should be cleaned .
7 , to distinguish color-color printing ink scraping levels should normally be printed , mainly dark , first printing, the printed version, should arrange for light printing color printing . Registration must fully adapt , especially the first edition of the rules is very accurate printing. Scraping in mixed color printing, depending on the blend color version in the form of changes in the printed version , scraping printing benefits.
8 , print after each print drying dry, but dry in the middle of two colors only need to print in the future will not be printed on the dirt road , dry , but the last layer to dry the ink , the ink retaining layer attached focus . Some security printer is very easy expansion and contraction, due to climate change, such as registration , is not timely, for a long time , can lead to shelve printing is not allowed , which should pay close attention.


The principle of screen printing
Screen printing by the five elements, namely screen printing plate, squeegee blade, ink, printing units and substrates. Screen printing basic principle is: the use of screen printing ink through the mesh graphic part, non-graphic part mesh impervious basic principles of ink for printing. Screen printing when printing on one end into the ink scraper with squeegee in screen printing ink on the site exert a certain pressure, while the other end of the plate toward the screen moves. Ink is on the move from the graphic part of the blade in the extrusion of the mesh to the substrate. The viscosity of the ink blots leaving the role of fixing a certain range, the printing process of screen printing squeegee always line contact and substrate, the contact line and moves with the blade, as the screen printing plate with the substrate to maintain a certain gap between such a screen printing plate by its own tension on the blade produced a reaction, this reaction is called resilience. Since the role of resilience, so that screen printing plate and movable substrate was only line contact, while other parts of screen printed version is out of state with the substrate. Rupture of the ink and screen movement to ensure accuracy and avoid printing size, soiled substrates. When the scraper scraped and lift the entire layout, but also lift the screen printing plate and ink scuffing back to the initial position. So far as a printed itinerary.


Screen printing for performance
Like other printing screen printing is required to accurately reproduce the original graphic and color. Used in screen printing and other printing original principle used in the method is not much difference between the original, but in the specific plate, printing in practice, which requires there are differences, mainly due to screen printing characteristics of the decision. Especially because of the thick screen printing ink, bright color, so the choice of the original and should be considered when plate screen printing special effects.
In addition, the original graphic screen printing lines used, the accuracy requirements dot printing methods and general requirements vary with the originals. If the original lines, very fine network, using a screen printing plate is a very difficult thing. So with the screen printing technique is not suitable for reproducing fine lines, dots originals. In the choice of printing methods to fully consider the various printing features. Even when the screen printing plate also should pay attention to choose the right cable, in order to achieve full reproduction of the original purposes.
Comparative performance for screen printing crisp text and lines monochrome sets of color originals, the same performance for greater contrast, the level of clear color originals. Special effects by screen printing, making copies with rich expressive power, through a rich thick ink and color chiaroscuro, the full expression of the content of the original texture and three-dimensional effect.
Screen printing photographic plate with a reflective originals originals originals and transmission are two commonly used mainly reflected originals. Most use the transmissive color photographic originals.
Screen printing is mainly used sun screen picture making. Different methods plate manuscript requirements are also different.


The main features of screen printing
Screen printing features can be summarized in the following aspects:
1> screen printing can use many types of ink. Namely: oil, water, a synthetic resin emulsion, powders, and other various types of ink.
2> layout soft. Screen printing layout soft and has a certain flexibility is not only suitable for use in paper and fabric printing and other soft articles, but also suitable for use in printing on rigid materials, such as: glass, ceramics and so on.
3> silkscreen imprint force is small. As used in the printing pressure is small, so it is suitable for printing on fragile objects.
4> ink layer is thick, strong coverage.
5> shape of the substrate surface without restrictions and area size. Seen from the foregoing, screen printing can not be printed on the plane, and can be printed on the surface or spherical surface; It is not only suitable for printing on small objects, but also suitable for printing on large objects. This printing method has great flexibility and broad applicability.


Screen printing method of classification
Screen printing are usually two, namely hand-printing and printing machinery.
Hand-printed continuous paper refers to the collection of paper from the Indian version of the next move, scraping pull squeegee are hand operation.
Mechanical printing process printing is completed by the mechanical action. Which is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic printing, semi-automatic loading and unloading of substrates means by manual operation, the printing by the mechanical completion; Automatic refers to the entire printing process completed by the machinery.


The main application screen printing
Screen printing application range is very wide. In addition to water and air outside (including other liquids and gases), any kind of object can be used as substrates. Screen printing was evaluated when he said this: If you want to print on the planet to find the ideal way to achieve the purpose of printing, it is likely that the screen printing method.
Specifically screen printing is mainly used in the following areas:
1> paper printing
Art Printing - Advertising, Illustrated, calendar, lantern paper.
Label Printing
Transfer printing
Packaging and Printing
Building Materials Printing - wall coverings, etc.
2> Plastic Printing
Plastic film - vinyl toys, bags, plastic bags and so on.
Plastic standard disk - fake metal composite materials and various standard disk.
Production parts - instrument parts.
3> wood products printing
Handicrafts - lacquerware, wooden handicrafts, toys.
Processing of semi-finished products - sporting goods, wood, ceilings, signage, signs, fake metal pull, billboards and so on.
4> metal printing
Metal tube, metal containers, metal products.
5> glass, ceramics printing
Glass - mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc..
Ceramics - utensils, handicrafts.
6> signage
Text panels, dials, shaped articles.
7> printed circuit boards
Printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick film integrated circuit board.
8> dyeing
Printing - banners, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear and so on.
Other printing - pocket, shoes, bib and all kinds of luggage, backpacks, handbags, bags and so on.
9> leather printing
10> electronic printing products
Printed circuits, thick film circuits, membrane switches and other components of the printing.



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